How to Use

Wundercover™ is a line of camouflage concealing crème. This concealer will cover most skin imperfections including broken capillaries, blemishes, veins, dark under eye circles and some tattoos. It is available in 5 skin tone shades ranging from Lightest to Dark.

The amount of Wundercover™ you need to use is so very little that a tube will last a very long time. Skin imperfections will be covered beautifully, a little goes a long way.

(.5fl oz/15ml)


Put a pin head size amount on the WunderCamouflage Brush. Gently dab a little onto the area you are trying to conceal. For under eye circles, draw an X under each eye. Lightly blend the concealer using a wedge of the WunderBlender Sponges. Set the concealer with the WunderFinish Powder using the WunderSmoothie brush. This will keep the area smooth and waterproof.

WunderFinish Powder – This pressed mineral setting powder is formulated with moisturizing oatmeal and other antioxidant properties. Use to set the Wundercover concealer. 6 grams/ 0.211

HOW TO USE: Use the WunderSmoothie Blender and dab a small amount of WunderFinish Powder on it. Gently dab the area that you have concealed. Do not rub.

The semi-translucent powder will set the Wundercover and keep it in place.

WunderMinerals – a highly pigmented loose mineral foundation contains antioxidants, soothing botanical extracts and a light aromatherapy.

7 grams/0.25 oz


Start by opening the lid of the jar and poking 4 or 5 holes in the label that covers the sifter in the top of the jar. Screw the lid back on and turn jar over and gently shake a little of the loose mineral foundation into the lid. If you remove the label there will be too much mineral foundation in the lid. Remove the lid and swirl the Lush Kabuki brush in the powder to “load” the brush. Gently apply the mineral foundation on to the face in a buffing motion. Wait a second in between applications. The natural colorants in the mineral foundation will warm up with your body tempature and start to develop on the skin. If you need more coverage, repeat. You can use WunderMinerals all over the face, even on your eyes. Just close your eyes while buffing the face and apply the natural makeup in the eye socket. It will give a nice base for eyeshadow.

Gentle Eye and Lip Makeup Remover – Gentle but strong. This delicate makeup remover will remove the toughest mascara and lip color, but is gentle on your skin. 4 fl. oz./ 118ml


Soak a soft tissue or cloth with the remover and wipe away your eye and lip makeup.

Lush Kabuki – The softest hairs, the finest quality kabuki you will find. Dense with hair but soft on the skin, the Lush Kabuki is the perfect brush for mineral foundation. The soft hair grabs the powder and then blends the makeup on your skin flawlessly.